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Project Educate

What is

Project Educate?

High schools around the country are suffering from a lack of funding, resources, and most importantly teachers. The student-to-teacher ratio is at an all time high and our communities’ children pay the ultimate price. Project Educate is a program designed to alleviate some of that pressure by utilizing the power of volunteerism to provide teaching assistants in every classroom. 

Our volunteers are also students! We gather volunteers from various colleges and universities, including UC Berkeley! The volunteers earn course credit for their efforts, along with an enriching experience. We welcome anyone to volunteer in this incredible opportunity!

Many of our high schools educate international students. The addition of a language barrier makes learning increasingly difficult. We often find that a large majority of our volunteers are multi-lingual and are extremely beneficial in translating coursework and lessons.

We've gone virtual!

Due to outstanding circumstances, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused schools to stop in-person classes, with students and teachers meeting remotely. This has not stopped the need for extra support in classrooms; in fact, students have been struggling with balancing school and stressful living conditions. Teachers are trying their best while working from home, but without the physical classroom, are not always able to adequately support their students.

This is where you enter the picture.

As an intern with the teacher, you volunteer your time, either during or after class hours to provide academic support to the students of your class choice. The work is strictly online via Zoom, meaning you can do it from the comfort of your home! You pick the days, times, and subjects that you assist students with, so that you are able to provide the most optimal support. Furthermore, you are now also given the ability to work one on one with students outside of classroom hours, if there is a need to do so.

It's time to

impact others!

In Oakland, CA, teachers are being underpaid and are being overwhelmed with an increasing student-to-teacher ratio of over 40:1. The drop-out epidemic is rising, and we need your help to expand!

So we started a project…

Project Educate

Today, over 1000 high school students are being supported by our project, and high schools are regularly demanding that we expand Project Educate into their institutions.

We have the resources necessary to expand, we just don’t have enough volunteers! 

Volunteer now to help us impact as many cities as possible. 

How does it work?


college credit

We understand your time is valuable. By volunteering, you may earn redeemable college credits that will count towards graduating at nearby universities.

local teachers

As a volunteer, you will serve your community as a tutor or a teaching assistant. You will be supporting both students and teachers in need as well as receiving guidance.

valuable job skills

This experience will rapidly improve critical job skills, such as patience, communication, and critical thinking, meaning you will have an advantage in the workplace.

Frequently asked

You can volunteer for as little as 1 hour a week, or for a full day every day. However, it is critical that you maintain consistency, so that the students you work with get the full benefit of working with you.
You must pass a federal background check, in addition to completing both the school district’s and Support Life Foundation’s volunteer trainings.
You will be given guidelines during the volunteer trainings, and the teachers will provide you with addition support that is reflective on each of their individual classroom needs.
We currently are only able to serve high school students from grades 9 to 12.
The only costs associated with the entire project are paying for the federal background checks, which we will reimburse you for.
Empower others through

Project Educate

You could make a difference in a child’s life. Imagine that you could help a child graduate high school or be admitted to college. Volunteering will be fun, productive, and charitable!