“Human goodness is a universal phenomenon.”

We are

a group of friends

The Support Life Foundation was established in 2017 by a humble group of friends from diverse professional backgrounds. We were united by a common belief in human goodness and its power to transform lives and communities anywhere in the globe. In terms of non-profit organizations, we are a young foundation but expanding rapidly as we join together more and more people into a global fellowship of service.

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What is

our mission?

The Support Life Foundation is a community based non-profit organization that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of lives of people across the globe in desperate need of opportunity; including children and women who lack basic social and economic means.

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What is

our impact?

Through programs carefully designed for long term impact and fundamental change across the diaspora. We want people to be able to depend on themselves, especially the most hopeless and vulnerable. Our programs provide them with the tools they need to succeed whether it be through training, education, opportunity, or just a leg up.


What issues do we focus on?

Education for everyone
Workforce Development
Healthcare Accessibility
Charity work
Community infrastructure
Civic engagement

...and many more! Check out our list of active programs below.

This is the goal

we accomplish.

We promote social equity and improve quality of life by building vibrant communities where everyone can work, learn, and thrive. We do this on a global scale. Whether in our own neighborhood or on the opposite side of the world, we are there forming grassroots infrastructure for the common good.

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